About Master Cook

I began to walk the path of a Martial Artist at a young age. In my Junior and Senior years of high school I was also a member of the wrestling team. Not long after my graduation, I moved to Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. There I met a man that changed my life forever. I left the world of a modern day dojo behind and entered the world of being the student of a genuine old school traditional Kung Fu Master.

Through him I was fortunate to be introduced to a number of other Masters whom I also studied under. Under Grand Master Dennis G. Hardy, personal student of Grand Master Pai ( Pai Tie Hu Die-Iron Butterfly Pai), I learned arts such as Shaolin Five Animal Fist, Shan-Tung (Black Tiger), and a number of rare Shaolin styles including Lu-Zhi-Shou (Way of the Pointing Hand). I hold a 7th degree Master rank in this rare Shaolin Kung Fu system created around 1270ad by Master Shen Kew and I am a lineage holder of the style. I also received extensive instruction in Medicinal Herbology, Qi Gong (Chi-Kung/Breath Work), and Meditation. Grand Master Hardy is one of the foremost Grand Masters on the planet, and my lineage, through him, goes from Shifu to Shifu back to the founding of the Shaolin Order. Grand Master Hardy is a phenomenal teacher, incredible fighter and healer. He was, is, and will always be my Shifu. He awarded me, with approval from China, my present rank. Grandmaster Hardy is a Director of The World Kung Fu Federation.

I was greatly privileged to have been a student of Grand Master Frank Masiello, the highest ranking Master of the Ou-Der Kun Tao (Way of Military Virtue) style in the United States. He trained in Taiwan under the Head Master of the style (Hung Dai Shi), traveling Taiwan in the early 1960's, becoming a six province Taiwan Champion in full contact matches. I hold a 5th Degree Master rank in the Ou-Der Kun Tao style.

I was also greatly privileged to have studied during this time with Master and Professor William Walburton, now deceased, who was at one time the Head of the Kano Judo sect. Professor Walburton spent many years studying in Japan before returning to the United States and beginning teaching. It was a great honor to have known him as a student and friend.

I achieved my first Shifu rank in February, 1986. At this time I began teaching along with continuing to participate in contact tournaments. I continued my studies and acquiring rank until being awarded my present rank of Grand Master on February 18, 2000. It was at this time that Grand Master Hardy had made the decision to retire. At this time, I changed my focus exclusively to being a teacher and healer, training others to fight. I am greatly honored to have been this stern taskmaster's student, to be considered worthy by him to receive the knowledge he gave to me, and I continue to honor him and those who came before him by my teaching others in the same traditional manner and to the same standard of excellence I was taught. Each of these men inspired me in their own way to be not only the best martial artist I could be, but also the best person I could be. I hope through my teaching of traditional Kung Fu to be an inspiration to others to be the best that they can be. Teaching has become my greatest passion. Be it developing character traits for a lifetime - self discipline, self esteem, self confidence and self respect - in a young person or guiding a fighter from being a fledgling amateur to an elite martial artist or seeing an elderly person terrified of falling regain strength and balance to where they stand on one foot with ease, through all of these things do I get my greatest satisfaction. I am a guide, I lead you on the path that you tell me you wish to follow. Yes, I will be your Master, your Teacher, your Shi Fu, but, it will be my duty to you to lead you to where it is you wish to arrive. Through your willingness to work toward achieving your goal, I will guide you there.