Class Schedule

Tai Chi and QiGong classes are available as shown on the schedule below. Master Cook is available for private instruction outside of the normal schedule [Learn More].

Seminars in Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong as well as Seminars in Self Defense are available. The Self Defense Course is open to both men and women, but a Seminar or Course may also be conducted specifically for women if asked for.

Master Cook offers instruction in " True Traditional Training " to those who consider themselves hardy enough to deal with contact martial arts training conducted outdoors year round. These classes are held regardless of weather conditions ( unless deemed so severe as to be potentially life threatening ). These classes are continuously ongoing. These classes are very exclusive and are limited to small groups or individual private sessions so that the training is well supervised by Master Cook. Instruction in this training is hands on, up close and personal with direct interaction with Master Cook so that he may ensure that the student has a thorough and complete understanding of the what, why, and how of what it is the student is doing. Training, drills, and the martial application of technique covered are taken from the various styles of Kung Fu Master Cook holds rank in along with throwing and grappling techniques from Kano Judo, Chin Na, and Greco Roman Wrestling.

Please contact Master Cook at 703-598-4015 for further information. Master Cook will make himself available to listen t o your martial art needs and to discuss available times and the locations he uses for conducting training.