• Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation (Ages 16 & Up)

    This class is for those who want to explore Eastern concepts of developing wellbeing through the practice of "internal" forms and exercises like Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong (Breath Work) and Meditation. This one hour class will focus on these ancient practices from the perspective of wellbeing for the body, mind, and spirit and, if requested, the martial aspects they contain. This class teaches the student how to develop proper posture, deeper and more efficient breathing, increased balance, and improved mental focus all while training the body, mind, and spirit to move in harmony together. This class is ideal for those who seek a form of exercise without any impact to the joints such as people who have had hip or knee replacement surgery or for those who desire to bring into their lives a form of calming and focusing body movement and mental clarity development that also is a great workout. The presentation of the " Inner Forms " ( Nei Chi Chuan ) in this class is welcoming to both the beginner or the advanced practitioner.

  • True Traditional Training (Ages 16 & Up)

    This adult class gives you the most complete Martial Arts education. From the street to the cage, this class is designed to train the student to becoming a world class fighter. Students will train drills that will bring to the student an understanding of concepts that will allow the student to dominate an opponent. Skill sets such as use of angles, controlling the space between yourself and the opponent, stalking, baiting, effective movement while pursuing or evading - there will be no aspect of the chess match that is a real fight that will not be covered and constantly reinforced through concept specific drills. The student will train forms and techniques from pure combat fighting styles from hard to soft. The student will learn joint lock, grappling and throwing techniques from styles such as Chin-Na, Ou-Der Kun Tao, ancient Shaolin Kung Fu systems, and Kano Judo. The student will learn takedowns and submissions, footwork, striking and blocking techniques ( kicking, knee and elbow strikes and blocks,closed and open hand ) from diverse styles such as Greco-Roman Wrestling to Boxing to Animals and Shaolin Kung Fu to the oldest style of combat Tai Chi Chuan. All the styles, concepts and techniques taught are pure combat systems, no modern movie fluff, just " get it done " with maximum efficiency. No approach to the Martial Arts is neglected in this training. The main focus is hands on application of technique and the development of the student to becoming a world class Martial Artist and Fighter. This is a serious Martial Arts class for those desiring to be truly serious fighters.

  • Self Defense (Ages 16 & Up)

    Ages 12-15 are eligible if accompanied by participating adult. This course is offered in seminar format.

    In this course the student learns 9 basic movements that can be used for striking, blocking, redirection and joint manipulation. The student will then learn how to combine these basic movements in a specific manner known as a " technique ". Each technique is simple to learn, simple to execute, and applies to a very specific movement of aggression from an attacker (such as an arm grab or grab to a shoulder, front and rear choke, etc.). These techniques are the same practiced and used by Special Forces military and SWAT Special Police around the world due to their simplicity, directness, and efficiency. Multiple seminars can be arranged for an individual or group seeking more in depth and personal instruction. This very specialized course is offered in both a co-ed or a women only seminar format. Grandmaster Cook is willing to travel to a location of your choosing in order to conduct a seminar. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing a seminar.