Looking for the best Traditional Martial Arts training in the Arlington/ Alexandria, greater Washington D.C. area? TTT Performance Martial Arts and Grandmaster Cook will give it to you. Grandmaster Cook does not teach just forms. He will teach you what the movements in the forms mean and how they are used in actual devastating Close Quarters Combat application. You will learn the concepts of the basic movements and the concepts that exist in every classic posture and technique. You will learn to understand the use of angles and controlling the space between yourself and your opponent. There is no aspect of the chess match that is a real fight that is not covered in repeated drills that will make your response in a hand to hand combat situation automatic. He will also instruct you in the theory and philosophy of the forms and styles you learn. You receive a complete Martial Arts education at TTT Performance Martial Arts.

I met Shi Fu Cook over 30 years ago. I am proud to have him as a close friend and student/colleague in Kung Fu.

I have been teaching Kung Fu since 1974 and by far Jeff has been the most hard working, best fighter, best teacher that I have trained. If you are fortunate enough to be taken on by Jeff as a student, you will be one of the best-trained fighters in the world. And that is a fact. I know this because I am a Director for the World Kung Fu Federation (I have known the best).

Shi Fu Cook’s authority in Kung Fu is absolute. When you are his student, get to class early, keep your mouth shut, pay attention and he may notice you as a person worthy to teach.

- Grandmaster Dennis G. Hardy, Jaiyo

Over the years I have participated in several martial arts courses with different "masters" in a variety of styles. They all seemed like an endless number of dance classes that never got to the point: How do you use the styles and techniques to effectively defend yourself when attacked?

Master Cook gets right to the point. I knew two counter-attack moves by the end of my first Self-Defense Class with him. And in subsequent classes I have learned some of the effective blocks and counter-strikes that spring from techniques as simple as learning to "bow" properly. I plan on staying with Master Cook to learn more advanced techniques like those used by Secret Service agents and Special Forces soldiers.

-Mike Sapourn

Two things are essential for a martial artist: the understanding of how to teach yourself and the discipline to do so. I had the honor of studying under Master Cook for approximately fourteen years. We trained in basements, kitchens, parks, and backyards. We  trained in pouring and freezing rain, in 100 degree heat, and even snow-storms as weather conditions never deterred class. Master Cook took me through various systems, styles, and an incalculable amount of lessons. He provided me with the physical tools to perform as a martial artist, but more importantly he guided me in the mental understanding of the concepts of martial arts. With Master Cook as my guide I have learned, yes, how to defend myself and my family, how to fight viciously and efficiently when necessary, but more importantly many of the priceless, life lessons a martial artist must learn to succeed. These lessons cannot be described fully in words; however, they are labeled in words like: virtue, respect, honor, discipline, and many others. He is a perfectionist by nature and holds students to the highest expectations. He approaches martial arts from levels of the body, the mind, and the spirit. Martial arts cannot be separated from life; they are one and the same. Besides the physical benefits the understanding of approaching concepts to teach myself and the discipline to do so affect everything I do. It has made me better at life. I have graduated with a masters degree in Global Affairs at NYU and have had great success teaching my own students in Rhode Island and New York. 'Knowing is Understanding the How, Wisdom is in the Doing, and the Way to Do is to Be.' Master Cook is an invaluable resource of knowledge, a phenomenal teacher who leads by example, and a friend. Through martial arts he has taught me the most valuable lesson of all--to Be.

-Colby Hopkins

I’ve trained on and off in the Martial arts since I was 21 years old. Now at age 58 and having trained with Shifu Jeff Cook for approximately 2 ½ years I wish I had met him while I was in my 30’s. While training with Shifu, I was working out with people mostly thirty years or more my junior, it felt good that I could still play with the kids.

Now that Shifu has moved from the area, I practice alone at home, and the knowledge acquired from Shifu still allows me to practice Kata, which is the most important part of training, I think. The exercises learned, are exercises for your lifetime, strengthening your body, mind and spirit.

Knowing Shifu Jeff Cook for the time that I have, has been an honor and a pleasure, for he is a man of knowledge and wisdom.

- Larry Theroux

I studied with Grand Master Cook for six years prior to which I had studied with one of his top students learning pure Ou-Der Kun Tao, a military style from Taiwan that employs concepts of which the application is both brutal and efficient. I came to Master Cook with a background in Ju-Jitsu and Ou-Der and learned one thing: That everyone starts from the beginning, no exceptions. Master Cook’s conviction to start the student from scratch is in line with the greatest and most classical traditions in the martial arts. To “empty one’s cup” is not to forget what you know but to be open to what you must learn. Master Cook builds a foundation with each of his students that creates a fundamental knowledge of concept that the student will be able to apply throughout their training making learning the martial arts a seamless process. His approach allows the student the ability to not only see how their own style(s) relate but also how all martial arts relate. It is the quality of his instruction paired with the body of knowledge and unparalleled effectiveness of what he teaches that creates a martial artist second to none. Due to my time with Master Cook I have learned to be my own teacher and have acquired the ability to break down the traditional kata he teaches and apply them any way I choose. Furthermore, I gained the insight to see the unifying concepts in all martial arts which is only something that can be gained through proper instruction, hard work and an open mind.

-Shifu Steve Weeden

I began studying martial arts when I was 9 years old. Over my lifetime I have studied various styles of Jiu Jitsu, Kempo and I have been to numerous seminars and demonstrations. Nothing I have ever seen even remotely compares to what Grand Master Jeff Cook has to offer as a martial artist, a teacher, or a person. Shifu Cook comes from a lineage of pure martial artists with a tradition directly from the Temples in China. I have seen many “good” martial artists but after almost 20 years of experience I can say without hesitancy, that the purest, most effective techniques I have ever seen are taught by Master Cook. Many schools teach a very “watered down” style or combination of either karate, kempo, kenpo, jiu jitsu, tae kwon do…etc. The traditional Kung Fu that is offered by Master Cook is absolutely second to none. He has learned from a very elite group of Grand Masters that have passed on only the most pure forms of Kung Fu. Anyone interested in learning not only “real” martial arts, but who are looking for something that will teach them a lot about themselves would be very pleased after a session with my Shifu, and friend, Grand Master Cook. I met Grand Master Jeff Cook when he would visit our school after he began training my Sensei when I was 12. I began taking classes with Shifu in his backyard “dojo” in New England where the temperature would reach as cold as below 0 degrees in the winter and as hot as 100 in the summer. His class prepared me for my life long quest for knowledge in both martial arts and in my professional field.

In December 2009 I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in both Political Science and Nursing and today work as an nurse in the Emergency Room at a large hospital in Rhode Island. It would be an understatement to say that if it was not for my discovery of Martial Arts, and the discipline necessary to succeed under Grand Master Jeff Cook, I would not be the martial artist, the nurse, but most importantly, I would not be the person I am today.

- Vinnie Petronelli

My time training under the direction of Master Cook hasn't only made me a better martial artist, it has made me a better human being. I'm more confident, I'm in control of myself again, and I'm proud of my body. This stuff is the real deal, it’s not the same old tired nonsense you find in other "schools"... This is tried and true Martial Arts in the purest sense. There is nothing magical about this, it is physics, anatomy and human physiology combined. Give it a try, get through that first month and I can all but guarantee it will be a part of you for the rest of your life.

- Zack Severino

My name is Steve Liu. I was born and raised in China. Learning real Kung Fu is a lifelong fantasy. I moved to the USA to finish my education and to work. I was so lucky to meet and have the opportunity to study from a true great Master, Grandmaster Cook. Although I was only able to be a student of Grandmaster Cook for three months, because he moved to Florida, the experience totally opened my eyes to real martial arts. Kung Fu is a combination of skills, physical force and intelligence. The thing I like best about Grandmaster Cook's teaching is he not only teaches the forms but teaches how the forms can be applied in a real fight. He also teaches how you can outsmart your opponents and use the most efficient and effective means to defend yourself. I really enjoyed my training with Grandmaster Cook and I strongly believe anyone studying from him will enjoy his class as well.

- S. Liu